If you need to find several postcodes then we recommend that you enable the saving of search history in your current sessions. Thus, after you perform your searches you will be able to download an Excel document (.xlsx) that summarises all the results. We do not collect neither your downloaded file, nor your search history.

Cookie Policy

This website does not use cookies. It may use HTML5 Session Storage, a similar technology, if and only after you have given your permission to do so.

What is HTML5 Session Storage?

The main features of HTML5 Session Storage are:

  • far greater storage capacity (5MB) compared to cookies (4kB),
  • the data stored in sessionStorage is per origin (the combination of protocol, hostname, and port number) per window, and is limited to the lifetime of the window,
  • the data stored in sessionStorage is automatically deleted when the session ends,
  • the web server cannot access directly data stored in sessionStorage,
  • unlike cookies, web storage data is not automatically transmitted to the web server in every HTTP request.

A session lasts for as long as the browser's tab or window is open and persists on page reloads and restores. Opening a page in a new tab or window will cause a new session to be initiated, so you will have two sessions that do not share the same data.

What data is stored in Web Storage?

Local Storage differs from Session Storage in scope and lifetime. Thus, Local Storage is not limited to one window and persists after the browser is closed.

In Local Storage is stored only your use consent status under the key "consent" that may have three self explanatory values: "affirmative", "negative", and "not set". You may review your choice at any time.

In Session Storage are stored all your search queries from the current session and their results from our database. You may remove those search queries before session ends, entirely or individually.

Last update: 21st February 2016.