PostcodeStreet name and numberCity/TownCounty
300732Strada Aida TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Ana Lugojana TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Bălaş Alexandru, preot TimişoaraTimiş
300732Intrarea Bănărescu Mihai TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Bizet George TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Boema TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Debussy Claude TimişoaraTimiş
300732Intrarea Drâmbă Ionel TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Gospodarilor TimişoaraTimiş
300732Intrarea Handel Georg TimişoaraTimiş
300732Intrarea Haydn Joseph TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Medeleţ Florin, istoric TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Mioc Vasile TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Mureş nr. 145-T; 148-TTimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Mureş nr. 133-143A; 134-146TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Musicescu Gavril nr. 160-TTimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Norma TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Părăian Teofil, arhimandrit TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Rapsodiei TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Rigoletto TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Rogojan Alexandru TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Stoia Udrea Ioan TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Tosca TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Traviata TimişoaraTimiş
300732Strada Ţurcanu Luis, doctor TimişoaraTimiş
PostcodeStreet name and numberCity/TownCounty
500360Calea Bucureşti nr. 89-101BraşovBraşov
500299Calea Bucureşti nr. 103-T; 108-TBraşovBraşov
500326Calea Bucureşti nr. 1-87BraşovBraşov
500365Calea Bucureşti nr. 2-88BraşovBraşov
500418Calea Bucureşti nr. 96-106BraşovBraşov
500434Calea Bucureşti nr. 90-94BraşovBraşov
PostcodeStreet name and numberCity/TownCounty
500360Calea Bucureşti nr. 89-101BraşovBraşov
500360Strada Jupiter BraşovBraşov

What is new in this application?

The advantage of using this application becomes apparent when you have to search a street that has many postcodes assigned. For example, Şoseaua Pantelimon from Bucharest has 66 postcodes assigned. If you fill in the street number, this application will automatically show you the correct postcode without you having to manually analyse all the 66 records.

Romanian Postcodes History

The first postcodes were introduced in Romania in 1974 and had four digits. On 1st May 2003 new postcodes with six digits were introduced.

Their significance is as follows:

1 the first digit classifies the ten postal regions ranging from 0 to 9,

2 the second digit classifies the counties from 0 to 5. For Ilfov and Giurgiu, counties that are included in the Bucharest Regional Office Post, the allocated values are 7 and 8, respectively. For Bucharest, the zones are treated as counties and have allocated values from 1 to 6,

3-6 the last four digits are used to classify, for postal purposes, the county residence, cities, towns, streets, part of streets and buildings.

Therefore, in a postcode you can identify the county to which it belongs by the first two digits. Please select from the two drop-down lists below the county or the partial postcode to see the connection between them.

The connection between the county and the first two digits of the postcode

Street level postcodes

Street number ranges from an address refer exclusively to even or odd numbers. For example:

  • Aleea Pantelimon nr. 15-T refers to all odd numbers from 15, inclusive to the last (highest) odd number.
  • Şoseaua Pantelimon nr. 301-307 refers to all odd numbers from 301 to 307, meaning: 301, 303, 305, and 307.
  • Aleea Pantelimon nr. 16-T refers to all even numbers from 16, inclusive to the last (highest) even number.
  • Şoseaua Pantelimon nr. 288-294 refers to all even numbers from 288 to 294, meaning: 288, 290, 292, and 294.
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